What We Do

We act for private individuals and trustees in respect of all aspects of Family Law.

Primarily, this involves the dissolution of marriages and civil partnerships and the creation of financial settlements.

This may involve third parties such as the trustees of family trusts or other family members who co-own property with one of the parties. Often, there is an international element, for example because one or both parties are resident in a foreign jurisdiction, or assets are located overseas, or are held through off-shore companies, trusts or similar structures.

Other aspects of Family Law we advise upon can include:

  • Co-habitation agreements;
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements;
  • Pre-civil partnership agreements;
  • Disputes between unmarried co-habitees in respect of property;
  • Disputes between civil partners in respect of property;
  • Disputes between parents in respect of their children’s living arrangements;
  • Disputes between parents (divorced or unmarried) in respect of financial provision for children.