Our Charges

We are committed to delivering cost effective results, so that our clients' costs are proportionate to the benefits achieved.

Contrary to popular belief, divorce need not be expensive. Costs are driven largely by the way in which the parties relate to each other after they separate, not by the complexity of their financial affairs. When both parties are honest, reasonable and well advised from the start, divorce need not cost more than a few thousand pounds to each party.

It is human nature that most cases do not start out this way, but most can be settled by consent without the need to go to trial. Typically the cost is in the region of £25,000 plus VAT and disbursements.

Rarely, where one party is dishonest and/or unreasonable or badly advised, there is no choice but to take a case to trial, in which event the costs may well exceed £100,000 each.

We will conduct an initial meeting at no charge, and thereafter our charges are based upon hourly rates, which vary from £100 to £400 per hour depending upon the seniority of the solicitor acting. We will manage your case to ensure that work is delegated to the solicitor with the optimal combination of experience and charge out rate. We bill on a monthly basis and we will review your costs position with you at the end of each month.